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As a company grows, the time and costs for finding and organizing physical and electronic documents also increase. Most unorganized documents are lost in the e-mail system, in computer folders, or in hard-to-reach archives. Without efficient scanning and organizational procedures, there is a significant slowdown in the flow of information across the organization.

ECM Suite (Enterprise Content Management) is a software solution for information content management that includes document management, workflow automation, reporting, notifications, and other components, depending on the specifics of the companies and industries they are part of.

Users are enabled to optimize the time and effort to organize, find and manage documents. The system allows users to scan documents and create electronic documents, organize them, and manage them. All documents in the management system can be found easily and quickly using a powerful search engine.

Companies improve productivity and reduce costs by quickly accessing organized documentation and document versions, automating business processes, and responding quickly to customer requests.

What does ECM Open Text application do for you

Benefits for efficient document management:

  • Organization and exchange of electronic documents
  •  Direct document scanning in DMS (Document Management System)
  •  Assignment of desired metadata (indexing)
  •  Classifying documents by content
  •  Classification of documents and top notes, frequently viewed documents
  •  Automation of business processes (request for change, revision and approval of documents)
  • Document access control (up to 9 protection levels)
  • Document access and editing
  •  Ease searching documents through quick or detailed search
  •  Index and view multiple versions of the same document
  • Create reports based on documents
  •  Manage multi-document folders

Possibility to create documents in popular applications: MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point etc.), Lotus mail, etc. and upload to DMS (Document Management System) online using the drag & drop option.

GDPR Ready

Open Text ECM Content Suite includes document management modules, advanced workflow, optional digital document signature, scanning, document import, and advanced reporting. The system is ready for full integration with other standard work applications (Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint, Adobe, Microsoft Office Suite, etc.). Open Text Content Suite includes the ability to easily connect to other work applications such as Core Banking Systems, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and others.


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About Open Text

Open Text is the world’s largest manufacturer of ECM solutions (Enterprise Content Management)In September 2016, Open Text acquired Documentum, which turned the company into the world’s largest producer of ECM solutions.

SAP is the world’s largest manufacturer of ERP systems that integrates Open Text ECM document management. Through strategic partnership with SAP, Open Text stores all scanned and OCR documents using the SAP interface. Many leading companies and institutions are beneficiaries of such solutions.

Open Text, the world’s largest solution provider for Document Management, provides solutions that can meet all customer requirements (a large number of documents in the system, a large number of distributed users, new technologies, and business processes).

As a world leader, Open Text can provide the latest security solutions, which are an important factor in selecting a document management system. Open Text now has over 50,000 installations worldwide, with over 10 million users.

In Europe, many top companies have opted to implement OpenText solutions, including: British American Tobaco (BAT), European Court of Human Rights, Marks & Spencer, Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, E.ON, Telenor, Fujitsu , Heathrow Airpot, Groupama, Dutch Railways, European Society of Cardiology, City of Madrid, Engie, BNP Paribas Personal Finance, Braun, Frontline, OSRAM, ArcelorMittal, Britannia Hotels, MAN Diesel & Turbo, JUMBO Supermarkten BV, Alcatel-Lucent , DB Schenker, Autoliv, Technicolor, Pharma International Co., s.Oliver Bernd Freier GmbH & Co. KG, L’Oréal, Haga Hospital, Michelin, Swarovski, SAP, Deloitte in Belgium, LUKOIL Overseas, AEGON Group, Rompetrol, Lufthansa Miles & More, Miele, SSAB, Linde Group, Veolia, Delhaize Group S.A. etc.

Compliance with GDPR

With the implementation of ECM OpenText, compliance with GDPR requirements is also achieved. The GDPR Specialist is part of the DAS deployment team who will insure the most appropriate application configuration to manage and control your personal data.

3 crucial steps

  1. Identify personal information

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides that personal information is “any information that can identify a person”. This includes a variety of information from names to genetic information. Personal data can appear in any number of documents. Finding these references is necessary, but it may be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Identifying personal information by discovering and mapping data is an essential step in meeting GDPR standards. OpenText ™ File Intelligence helps you search, identify and report personal information scattered across multiple sources.

  1. Protect and manage personal information

Once you know where the information is located, you need to manage it. Minimizing data is essential. Essentially, organizations should collect least possible amount of personal data for the shortest amount of time and erase it quickly after fulfilling its purpose. Less data held means fewer data to protect.

OpenText Enterprise Content Management (ECM) allows for centralized management of personal information. OpenText Records Management is designed to identify and remove information you do not need and keep what you use even if the data is generated and stored in other business applications such as SAP®.

  1. Conservation and compliant access

Becoming fully compliant has never been easier. And to do this, you need to use a secure and consolidated repository. OpenText InfoArchive supports the consolidation of static information that contains personal data in a single repository, you will get more security and control, easier access and retrieval as well as mitigation of risks related to GDPR.