In order to achieve optimal performance and a pleasant visiting experience on this website, we capture and process certain information from the visitors on Certain processes are required for minimal running of this website.

For all other processing you can opt-out by carefully reading this Policy.



A cookie is a small data block sent to the browser by a web server to be stored on the computer, mobile terminal, or other used by a visitor accessing the Internet.

It is completely “passive” (does not contain software, viruses or spyware and can not access information on the user’s hard drive).

There are also similar pieces of tracking information all websites automatically collect.

There are different types of cookies:

First-party cookies

These cookies are set by the website you are visiting. And only that website can read them.

Third-party cookies

Certain sections of content on some websites may be provided through third parties / vendors (eg news box, video or advertisement). These third parties may also place cookies through the site and they are called “third party cookies” because they are not placed by the owner of that website. Third-party vendors must comply with the applicable law and privacy policies of the site owner.

Session cookies

These are temporarily stored in the web browser’s cookie folder until the user exits the web site or closes the browser window.

Persistent cookies

These cookies stay on a device after the browser has been closed and last for a determined time. They are used to get to know the user during several browsing sessions – to remember the user preferences for the next time the user visits a particular website.

Other tracking technologies

These are used to understand  how people are using the Internet and to target advertising to them. They work with cookies and capture data like IP address, the time and duration on pages, the details about the device used and the location (geolocation).



Strictly necessary cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website. These cookies do not require your prior consent to be downloaded to your device. You can set the browser to block these cookies, but in this case certain sections of the website will not work properly.

The website uses Google Analytics / Google AdWords cookies to collect information about how visitors use and to detect possible browsing issues. Google Analytics stores information about the pages visited, the duration of the site’s navigation, the way the site was visited, and the sections accessed within the pages. No personal information is stored, so this information can not be used to identify the user.

The website uses Google Analytics to be able to track whether the site meets user requirements and prioritize the improvement of the processes being carried out. Google provides an “add-on” that gives you the ability to opt out of Google Analytics regardless of the pages you visit.

We use Google AdWords cookies to make our advertising more appealing to visitors. Frequent cookie roles include: selecting ads by relevance to the user, improving reporting on campaign performance, and avoiding ads that the user has already seen.

For transparency we provide here a list of the tools used:

List of TRACKERS used ESSENTIAL: Google Tag Manager

PERFORMANCE: Google Analytics

ADVERTISING: Google AdWords Conversion, Google Dynamic Remarketing

ANALYTICS: Google Analytics


Details _ga,_gid,,,,,,


Data Collected Anonymous (Ad Views, Analytics, Browser Information, Cookie Data, Date/Time, Demographic Data, Hardware/Software Type, Internet Service Provider, Interaction Data , Page Views , Serving Domains)

Pseudonymous (IP Address (EU PII), Search History, Location Based Data, Device ID (EU PII))



You can turn off or disable cookies.

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All modern browsers offer the ability to change cookie settings. These settings are usually found in the Browser’s “Options” or “Preferences” menu.

You can manage your preferences directly in your browser:

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